Finely Tuned Counseling

Somatic Sound Therapy

Sound therapy, sound healing, sound meditation, or sound bath – no matter what we call it, this holistic medicine utilizes sound and music to create positive shifts mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. 

The word somatic refers to our body’s physical experience of comfort and distress. Sound therapy is designed for a mind-body practice as it aims to calm, strengthen, and ground the nervous system. 

Sound therapy is a practice of deep listening with focused awareness on the internal experience of sound, body, breath, and balance. This experiential therapy is often facilitated with the resonance of singing bowls, gongs, and percussive instrumentation.  

What makes this work truly special is how it adds to a client’s clinical goals in psychotherapy, heals trauma, and strengthens resiliency and comfort. 

Supervised by: Andrea Cortez MM, MT-BC

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