“Without music, life would be a mistake”

– Frederick Neitzeche

What we know about the lives of music industry professionals . . . 

More than 70% of music industry professionals struggle with depression and anxiety, about 3 times higher than the general population. Music Industry workers are likely subject to unsympathetic and unsupportive work cultures, often ignoring issues of abuse, bullying, discrimination, and poor working conditions. Entertainers at large have historically been taken advantage of and studies suggest that working in, or having ambition to work in the music industry, might be making musicians sick and contribute to ill mental health.

Sound Mind Austin is here to help

Sound Mind Austin employs a psycho-therapeutic approach to help guide the artist’s journey toward healthy relationships, sound minds, and peak on-stage performances. Common themes for music industry clients…

  • Peak Performance
  • Balancing Stage & Family Life
  • Banding Together (your touring family)
  • Substance Abuse Support
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Resource Advocacy

“Off The Record” | Group Therapy for Bands

Off The Record sessions aim to support the relational well-being and success of your band. Sound Mind Austin understands the unique experiences of musicians and band culture, and bridges the resources of music and wellness. This is a vulnerable and powerful process that may literally save your band. Imagine if we had 8 more years of The Beatles…  

Off The Record sessions typically address healthy communication and conflict resolution skills, mental health concerns, group performance goals, and provide a support system to identify and strengthen needs, gaps, and access to appropriate resources.

Sound Consultation for Music Industry Professionals

Sound Consultation adds great depth to the music industry as it bridges the unique challenges of personal and professional performance goals specific to the field of music and mental wellness. The primary goal is to facilitate healthy relationships, sound minds, and peak on-stage performances and work cultures. 

Common themes I address with music industry professionals:

  • Assessment and treatment of mental health concerns, needs, and resources
  • Address peak performance, mindset & confidence 
  • Support a mentally sound tour and/or recording culture
  • Promote comfort and ease between Home and Road life 
  • Provide substance abuse prevention & recovery tools
  • Support and resources as a result of a crisis or traumatic event
  • Training and education on mental health topics related to the music industry

Concierge Mental Health Services

Concierge Mental Health Services for high profile musicians are a unique and specialized support system that caters to the specific needs of music industry professionals. Due to the demanding nature of the music industry, mental health concierge services can provide a much needed level of support for musicians, allowing them to maintain their mental and emotional well-being on-and-off the road.  

These services include flexible scheduling and the ability to travel with the client while on tour. Sessions are often held in-home, at a hotel, on a ranch, bus, you name it. 

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance when providing concierge services for high profile musicians, particularly when working with individuals and groups in the public eye. This includes maintaining discretion when meeting in public or private spaces, as well as keeping all client details confidential and HIPAA compliant. Services may include coordination with healthcare professionals and team members to ensure the client receives the most comprehensive care possible. 

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