Finely Tuned Counseling

Teen, Adult, Couple & Family Therapy

The holocaust surviving psychiatrist Viktor Frankl once stated, “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation”. Let’s face it. Life is a full circle of joy meets pain. This is the frightening process of psychotherapy. We understand, the hardest part of this process is getting started. It’s hard to find a therapist, the time, money, and energy to make such a vulnerable commitment. However, once a client walks through that door (or Telehealth screen), the process can be quite comfortable. Natural instincts take over, and the design of the therapeutic environment is to find comfort when faced with discomfort. Whatever your path, it would be a privilege to walk that journey with you.  

EMDR, Trauma, & Performance

EMDR is a powerful therapeutic process designed to resolve memories of past difficult emotional experiences affecting one’s life. EMDR has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma, and has helped millions alleviate the heavy burden of psychological stress. In addition, EMDR has been widely used, researched, and proven effective to enhance performance outcomes and decrease performance anxiety. The focus of Peak Performance EMDR is to explore past success, self-actualization, and a vision for personal achievement. 

Clinical Hypnosis

Imagine a magnifying glass angled toward the sun. When the rays of the sun are focused and concentrated through this one spot, they become more powerful. Similarly, when our mind is centered, we access deeper and unlimited potential. In this sense, instead of being out of control (like the popular misconception), learning hypnosis is actually the ultimate self-control skill. Use it to build confidence, strengthen performance skills, heal trauma, decrease pain/depression/anxiety, grow comfort, and welcome sleep. 

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